Crypto currency taxation from CRA
Crypto tax filing is due if you have been trading it. The CRA has rules on how to go about calculating.

Crypto Tax Canada: Ultimate Crypto Income Tax Guide 2023

Canada crypto tax is triggered whenever a taxable crypto transaction of any type. Tax due is calculated whether it is a capital gain or business income.  How much tax is due is dependent on each individual scenario. 

Debunking Crypto Myths

Debunking Crypto Most Myths

Crypto myth: Currently, there are over 19,000 crypto security tokens. DeFi and Web3 seem to be all the rage. It attempts to displace and dislodge the current banking system. The current system has been around since World War I due to the ascension of the United State Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. 

Canada Top Crypto Tax Accountant

Cryptocurrency Tax Situation in Canada

Cryptocurrency tax: Founded in 2016, our firm has since helped clients across the country to answer questions about buying, investing in and selling cryptocurrencies.

Dealing with crypto accounting and taxes

Here's Why You Need Records to File Crypto Taxes

For many years, crypto taxes and trading crypto has, for many, been the land of the free. Literally.  Governments around the world are starting or have crypto banned, regulated or legalized.  In Canada, this is not the exception.  Since 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has had rules around crypto how to tax currency.

What makes each stablecoins different?  Let's explain.

Stablecoins Explained

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies, in which the value of which is pegged, or tied, to that of another currency, commodity or financial instrument. In other words, Stablecoins are intended to be — and largely have been — less susceptible to volatility because they are backed by another asset. Theoretically, they serve as a safe-harbour to the daily fluctuations of all other cryptos like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)

Luna Terra Crypto Crash: What Investors Need to Know

Luna Terra crypto crash. Why did crypto crash today? Do these things to be ready before the next cryptocurrency crash.

What is a Cryptocurrency Disposition? 

Every cryptocurrency disposition or transaction creates a TAXABLE EVENT.  Whether buying, selling or trading, any gains or losses that result are taxable.


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