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Forte Innovations is an accounting firm that combines its expertise in accounting, tax, technology, and data to provide its clients with a comprehensive and innovative approach to financial management. We help our clients achieve their financial goals by leveraging our deep knowledge and experience in these areas.

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Canada’s cryptocurrency tax accounting firm. Forte offers a specialized crypto tax services in digital crypto currency to crypto tax filing.


We know the complexities around the accounting and the bookkeeping processes and systems. Let us do your business’ bookkeeping so you can focus on servicing your clients.

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Forte Innovations has worked with crypto currency, consumer services and manufacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The CRA is actively conducting audits of those investing and trading in crypto-assets. In a 2020-2021 report, the CRA confirmed that it is continuing to improve its crypto-related compliance efforts by implementing specific measures.

Canadian cryptocurrency firm, Coinsquare, has been ordered by the CRA to release its user records.  The CRA will verify compliance with the ITA and the Excise Tax Act. The pattern of the CRA’s audit activity points toward a continued increase in compliance measures surrounding crypto-assets.

The CRA also:

  • improved how it traces cryptocurrency transactions through the use of surveillance software to establish a comprehensive picture of a taxpayers’ cryptocurrency activities
  • obtained an unnamed persons requirement on a large Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange, the information from which will be used to verify compliance with the Income Tax Act (ITA) and/or Excise Tax Act (ETA)

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Forte Innovations specialty is in crypto tax accounting, including bookkeeping, controller and CFO services in Canada.