Luna Terra Crypto Crash: What Investors Need to Know

Luna Terra crypto crash. Why did crypto crash today? Do these things to be ready before the next cryptocurrency crash.

The diagram illustrates the current state of the American SWIFT system.  It has existed since 1974. It replaced and enhanced trust and security of funds transfers.

Cryptocurrency Role in War: A Primer on

Crypto currency role in war. The Western block has weaponized the SWIFT messaging system.  This is a primer, what what is really SWIFT and why it is at the center of Western sanctions against Russia?  

Are cryptocurrencies and alt-coins taxable assets in Canada?

Do You Need To Report Crypto Income to the CRA?

Yes, you need to disclose your crypto trades.  The CRA has been investing into tools that leverage the open nature of crypto blockchains.  The CRA is actively conducting audits of those investing and trading in crypto-assets. In a 2020-2021 report, the CRA confirmed that it is continuing to improve its crypto-related compliance efforts by implementing specific measures.


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