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Hire a Crypto Consultant to help your business implement, manage and account for crypto transactions.

What We Do As Your Crypto Tax Accountants

Trading cryptocurrency involves gains and losses.  Software tools like Koinly, Crypto Tax Calculator do not produce accurate reports leaving many crypto investors open to overpaying or underpaying taxes.  

We can help because we're data analysis experts in crypto currencies, tokens, NFTs, swaps, and staking.  

Make an Appointment with Forte Innovations

Step 1

  • Call Us to setup an appointment or to tell us about your crypto scenario.  
  • Send us your crypto data files (Click here to see what we need).
Determine crypto is capital gains or business income

Step 2

  • Examine your data (FREE)
  • Provide a price quotation with our hourly rate
  • You give us your approval before proceeding
Calculate Crypto Gains or Losses

Step 3

Calculate the Gains and Losses

Decide on Crypto Tax Next Steps Together

Step 4

We'll setup a meeting to go over your results.

Your choice to make: 

  • Use the crypto report to file taxes (DIY)
  • You or us can work with your CPA
  • We can recommend a CPA

Crypto Tax Accountant Report
that's Accurate

We calculate your cryptocurrency taxes and help you reduce them for next year.

Filing on your own? Working with a CPA? Either way, when you provide us with your data, we can tell you if you're missing transactions and then calculate the correct amount of profit and losses.  This way, you can confidently file your tax return.  


We personally work with you

When you send us your crypto exchanges' CSV files, or provide us access to your data via API, we can merge, aggregate and consolidate every single file, apply the right currency exchange to arrive at the right amount.  You can then know if you made a profit or a loss.

We can do retro calculate many years too!

Have Peace of Mind

You'll get a detailed crypto tax accountant report containing your profit and loss, we will work with you on so you understand and can ask any questions about your results.  

We don't rest until you are satisfied because through an interactive process, you will learn more than ever about your own crypo currency journey and how you can improve your trading strategy. 

cryptocurrency tax reports are easy when you work with a human advisor at forte innovations.

Advisory practice to help clients navigate the world of cryptocurrencies.

Introduction to Blockchain
This introduction offers insight into the world and mechanics of the technology itself. We explore topics from the very first blockchain (Bitcoin) to the numerous industries being disrupted and the use-cases driving it.

Helping you understand the role of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in your business organization. PROTECT IT FROM THEFT, HACKERS, DISASTERS, AND VIRTUALLY ANY EVENT.

Understand Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

What is it, who controls it and how it allows you to have peace of mind that comes with monetary sovereignty.


Buy Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Purchase and Store, or keep a “hot wallet” to have a smaller amount of Bitcoin to have handy, send to friends, or spend.


Private Keys

Hold and control their own private keys – which have never touched the Internet – to their own Bitcoin wallet.

Cryptocurrency Security

Keep their Bitcoin safe from cyber-hacking, theft, natural disaster, extortion, kidnapping, bombing, not to mention market crash, recession, depression, and collapse of the Fiat currency like the Canadian or U.S. Dollar and others.

Merchant Services

Accept Bitcoin as payment (including merchant services)

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